Website Audit


Web design = Art + Science.

A great website has an appealing design that resonates with your perfect customer and works smoothly so that people can easily navigate, find what they want, and purchase! Get a detailed analysis of the form & function of your site, including actionable steps to improve design and performance.



Your website is your most important employee.

It’s your 24/7 receptionist, brand ambassador, and salesman! Having a professional web presence gives your business credibility – most people search for you online before making a purchasing decision. A website is a long term investment that gives great returns (when leveraged properly) through additional marketing, networking, 24/7 availability, and expanded market reach.

So, is your website working hard or hardly working?

  • Is it facilitating sales for your business?
  • Is it communicating your who you are and what you do quickly & clearly?
  • Are you reaching your desired audience of ideal customers?
  • Is it helping you build an email list of potential customers with whom you can contact regularly?
  • Does it look great across multiple devices: smart phones, tablets, laptops, & desktop monitors?
  • Is navigating your site totally intuitive?
  • Is your checkout a smooth, streamlined process that converts?
  • Does your site match the quality of your work?
  • Have you implemented that bring traffic from search engines?


Get valuable feedback on your website’s Layout, Speed, Navigation, and more!


What you’ll get:

[Video] 5-10 minute screencast of me reviewing your website

[PDF] Written report with a handy checklist

[Call] A follow up call with me to ask any specific Qs (~15 min)


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