Pre-Holiday Website Audit

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Is your website Holiday-Ready? 🛍️ Sign up now to prep for this upcoming shopping season and let’s make it your most successful yet!

You’ll get:

  • A personalized evaluation of your website
  • Tips to improve the design, buyer experience, and SEO.
  • My top 5 recommendations for your website
  • Pre-Holiday Website Checklist PDF download


Is your website Holiday-Ready? 🛍️ We are less than 6 weeks away from Black Friday 2021. Sign up for a Website Audit to prep for this upcoming shopping season. It’s time to prep, improve, and optimize your website now so you can maximize your holiday sales next month. Don’t waste your time, energy, or money driving traffic to a website that could leave visitors confused, frustrated, or skeptical.

About half of people start shopping for holiday gifts in November or even sooner!

Before you know it, you’re going to be promoting your Black Friday deals and pushing as much traffic as you can to your website. Is your website ready to handle that traffic?

Your website needs to be optimized and ready for your big shopping season before that! Get started right now so your site helps drive increased sales, higher average order values, and delivers big time this year.

Did you know

  • ECommerce spending during Thanksgiving-Cyber Monday weekend in 2019 was $28.4 Billion
  • This spending jumped to $39B from 2019 to 2020 (+$10.6 Billion)
  • That’s a 37% increase! 📈
  • Many people will prefer to shop from home again this year

Why is all this important?

Product-based business owners like you need to

  1. Keep your website up and running smoothly so you don’t miss out on any sales
  2. Maximize your sales this shopping season and make more money
  3. Provide a great shopping experience so you have happy customers – tons of positive reviews, and fewer complaints

November is a huge ecommerce opportunity for you this year. Let’s make it your most successful holiday season yet.

Sign up for a Pre-Holiday Website Audit and I’ll help you whip your website into shape!

How it works

There’s nothing better than personalized feedback & support! During our Pre-Holiday Site Audit, I’ll comb through your website and give you my personalized insights specifically for you & your unique brand.

Through my years of experience building websites and fixing many more, I’ve identified factors in a website’s design, layout, content, structure, and navigation that have an effect on its ability to perform and convert visitors (potential buyers) into satisfied customers.

I’ll address any issues I find and identify additional opportunities for your website so you can maximize your sales. To reduce the overwhelm, I’ll give you my TOP 5 actionable recommendations to prepare your website for the holiday sales season that you can easily implement before Black Friday. You’ll be on your way to improving your site design, content, search engine placement, conversion rates, and more.

Please leave a link to your website in the “website URL” box to get started.

Is your website working hard or hardly working?

  • Does your site feature key trust signals to increase visitors’ confidence and encourage them to make a purchase?
  • Are you capturing and appealing to your desired audience of ideal customers?
  • Is your site building an email list of potential customers with whom you can contact regularly — even when social media goes down or your reach is limited?
  • Are your products and shop optimized for increasing Average Order Value?
  • Is your checkout a smooth, streamlined process that converts well?
  • Does your website match the quality of your work?
  • Have you implemented on-page SEO to bring traffic from search engines?

Get valuable feedback on your website’s design, usability, SEO, and more!

What you’ll get:

[Video] 20 minute video screencast of me reviewing your website – Get inside the mind of your visitors and hear their thoughts, concerns, and hesitations. This will help identify any miscommunications or confusing sticking points that prevent visitors from successfully making a purchase.

[PDF] Written report with my top 5 recommendations for improvement – Get personalized top priority action items that you can implement right away.

[PDF] Pre-Holiday Website Audit Checklist – A general checklist of considerations, tips, and marketing suggestions to prepare your site for the influx of traffic. This checklist includes info about testing and website security so you can double check everything is working smoothly (and will keep running smoothly so you can focus on making sales and fulfilling orders!)

Note: You will receive an email with a link to download your personalized audit video, PDF report, and PDF checklist. You may download all. They are yours to keep (FOREVER).

Timeline / Turnaround:

3 Business Days. You will receive an email with a link to download your audit within 3 business days (M-F) after purchase. Please be sure to include your website address and double-check your spelling. Missing info or typos may delay the turnaround.

If you have any questions after reviewing your audit, I am available to you via email for 7 days if some additional clarification is needed. If you require or desire answers beyond a quick 1-3 sentence response, please consider booking a 1-on-1 Consulting Session so we can dig into your unique questions and strategy.

My Experience:

I’m a self-taught web designer. I started making websites as a kid in the early 2000’s. Back then, I wrote HTML to create pages.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in graphic design from Salisbury University in 2010. I learned the principles of design, color theory, typography, logo design & branding, package design, page layout, and more. My internship was at USA Weekend Magazine, a sister publication to Gannett’s USA Today newspaper.

I’ve been working as a professional web designer for 11+ years. During those years, I’ve worked with several website platforms including Shopify, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, GoDaddy, Weebly, DNN, and even Wix.

Now I enjoy building custom WordPress websites for my clients, and I also consult and teach handmade business owners & Etsy sellers how to create and manage their own website for their handmade product-based business.

I can’t wait to work with you and complete your website audit!

Please Note

This is a non-refundable offering, all sales are final due to their personalized nature. If I see your website and think I cannot at all make suggestions, I will refund you before beginning. I make no guarantees about results.


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  1. WALTER EATMAN (verified owner)

    I just recently had my website audited and I am overjoyed with the info I received from BexMarie!!!!!! It is worth every dime! Lots of juicy suggestions and pointers. And I still haven’t gotten through all of it. Not only does it include a wonderful video she did as she was auditing that was extremely helpful, but the top 5 recommendations are also super good! Easy to understand and implement!-Marie Eatman

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