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Discover the exact process I walk my students through to launch their own websites. Plus, snag an easy fill-in-the-blank worksheet to use as a personalized website blueprint as you build your website.

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    The Key 🗝️ to E-commerce Success

    Choosing a website platform as a first step is a big mistake. And signing up for web hosting too soon is a waste of money. 💸😭

    You don’t buy materials or start building a house before you have the blueprint, right? A lot of planning is involved before the first shovel ever breaks ground. 📐

    Planning is key for preventing costly mistakes and building an effective website that actually helps your business. Save your money and start with a strategic plan for success.

    Be sure to download and fill in your free 1-Page Website Blueprint worksheet to plan out your website's objectives, pages, and must-have features.

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    Hey There!

    I'm Rebecca ( aka "Bex") and I design beautiful, handcrafted websites for makers who sell beautiful, handcrafted products. My clients are passionate about their craft and obsess over the little details. I'd love to design a professional website for you.

    Now I know that not every maker (who deserves a professionally designed website) can afford one yet! If you're ready to grow your business beyond your craft show booth or Etsy store, perhaps you'd like to DIY your first website. I can help with that too.

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