4 week wordpress bootcamp

Registration Open: 4 Week WordPress Bootcamp

I’m excited to announce that I’m hosting a 4 week online bootcamp course to teach you how to build and customize your WordPress website. If you don’t have a website or you just have a basic WordPress setup and you want step-by-step lessons and a mentor to help you during your website build, this course will be very helpful for you.

When it comes to building your website there are lots of tutorials and videos out there to help you build if you but you could spend hours sifting through all of the information and documentation and you could spend hours of trial and error. Another option is to hire a professional WordPress developer which will cost you approximately $50 per hour. This could be easier for you however it will cost you hundreds of dollars.

A good middle-of-the-road solution would be to take a course that will walk you through everything you need to know to customize and set up your website. I can help you with that.

Check out my 4 Week WordPress Bootcamp running March 20 – April 16. Registration is open until March 18th!

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