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How to set up a WordPress website (revisited)

How to Set Up a WordPress Website (Take 2)

By Rebecca Inkrote

In 2016, I published a blog post featuring a step-by-step tutorial to getting started with WordPress and setting up your site. At that time I was recommending a different hosting company and so my tutorial was based on signing up with them. But since then I’ve switched and I have been LOVING SiteGround hosting. Here’s a new tutorial and post with how to set up your website with SiteGround. It’s just so easy.

Learn how to create and launch your own website

Learn How to Create Launch & Flourish

By Rebecca Inkrote

Note: Enrollment for Create. Launch. & Flourish LIVE is now closed. I am excited to announce that I’m running a 5-Week Group Program to go through my course, Create. Launch. & Flourish with a small group of students. This group program is called (surprise) Create. Launch. & Flourish LIVE. I did something similar back in the spring of…

5 Free Courses for your Handmade Business

5 Free Courses for your Handmade Business

By Rebecca Inkrote

Looking for some ways to improve your handmade business? Of course you are. One thing I’ve learned as an entrepreneur is that the learning, testing, & tweaking never ends when it comes to you business. Pair that with the internet, an endless sea of resources, tutorials, and blog posts…. Instead of hunting down those individual tips and tutorials, we…

Website Design Trends 2017

Website Design Trends for 2017

By Rebecca Inkrote

Are you planning to create your handmade business website in 2017? Is your existing website ready for a refresh in the design? Technology trends and the internet move quickly. It can be exhausting to keep up with it all, but I love it. I find it so fascinating to see new designs and styles emerging and breaking up…

Download Website Launch Checklist

Branding & Website Resources – Free Goodies

By Rebecca Inkrote

Have you been feeling a bit stuck when it comes to your branding and brand style? Are you unsure about how to get started with your business website and could use some direction? I over hear those struggles a lot and I often get asked how to get started with creating a website or what tools and resources…

Handmade Biz Giveaway - Web Hosting, DIY Website Course, Handmade Marketplace book, Like A Boss coffee mug. Enter

Handmade Biz GIVEAWAY! Create Launch & Flourish

By Rebecca Inkrote

GIVEAWAY! Enter to win my new course, Create Launch & Flourish™ PLUS $92 worth of web hosting & goodies to launch your website! I’m giving away an amazing bundle of web hosting, online training, & more to help you create and launch your handmade business website so you can flourish! Seriously – I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to get this…