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Learn How to Create Launch & Flourish

Note: Enrollment for Create. Launch. & Flourish LIVE is now closed.

I am excited to announce that I’m running a 5-Week Group Program to go through my course, Create. Launch. & Flourish with a small group of students. This group program is called (surprise) Create. Launch. & Flourish LIVE.

I did something similar back in the spring of 2016; I hosted a 4 Week Website Bootcamp live. It is so awesome to connect with my students LIVE on training webinars and in my private community. I decided it was time to go back to basics and run this thing live again!  It was from that experience that the Create. Launch. & Flourish course was born.

For the past year this course has typically been delivered as a self-paced DIY-style course. But now I’m offering a special group program that includes access to the course PLUS 6 live training sessions and 1-on-1 time with me.
Create. Launch. & Flourish LIVE!

Learn how to create and launch your own website for your handmade business.

Enrollment open 8/21 – 9/2

My purpose is to help creative entrepreneurs launch a website without the headache and stress of DIYing it, and without the price tag associated with hiring a professional web designer.

My goal is to have 6 – 15 students join Create Launch & Flourish LIVE. I’m accepting no more than 15 so I can fully serve all the group members.

My goal for the program is to have EVERYONE launch their website in Mid-October (in time for Holiday sales!)


UPDATE: Enrollment for Create. Launch. & Flourish LIVE is now closed but the self-paced course will be opening for enrollment soon!

Join the Waitlist at CreateLaunchandFlourish.com!