Change your Etsy Shop Link: An Easy Hack for your Etsy Shop

How to Change your Etsy Shop Link

Learn how to change and customize your Etsy shop link to your own Etsy custom domain name without upgrading your shop to an Etsy Plus subscription. This is an easy and affordable Etsy shop tip you can implement right away. Changing your Etsy shop URL takes only a few minutes, but it will make your Etsy Shop look more professional and make marketing a little easier too.

The trouble with the default Etsy Shop Link

It’s very common to see Etsy sellers promoting their businesses by sharing Etsy Shop URLs. I often see it on Facebook, Instagram bios, vinyl banners, and business cards. Most of the time, these URLs look like this:

Let’s take a moment to imagine this on a business card. 

Business card mockup with an Etsy shop link

Perhaps you can see the problem already. It’s too long to remember, and it’s a mouthful. Moreover, with this web address, you have no control over what happens with this Etsy domain. If anything were to happen to your shop in the future, this link would be broken. 

Screenshot of Etsy's "Uh oh!" page (404 error)

On top of all that, it promotes the Etsy brand first, further perpetuating the “I got it on Etsy” response when your customers are asked where they got your fabulous product. This is not the best way to run your handmade business. So, if you want to take control over what happens with your shop and help customers actually remember your brand, your URL needs to be more functional. It also has to look the part. 

How to get your Etsy URL

Your Etsy shop link is based on the shop name you set up when you first opened up your shop. By default, Etsy provides 2 shop URLs for you:

To see your Etsy shop link, you can log in to Etsy and then click the icon for Shop Manager. On the left navigation pane at the bottom you’ll see your Etsy shop under “Sales Channels.” Click on your shop and that will take you to view your shop. Now the web address in the URL bar of your browser starts with your Etsy Shop URL (you can ignore any extra info added at the end after a ? such as ?ref=seller-platform-mcnav).

The web address you’ll see there in the URL bar follows the first format listed above, but you can re-arrange your Etsy Shop domain to lead with your shop name and end with dot-etsy-dot-com. That URL structure looks a little better – it starts with your brand name and it’s shorter. But your Etsy shop link could be even better by registering a custom domain.

Getting Your own Custom Etsy Domain Name

Imagine if, instead of that long Etsy web address on a business card, you had this:

Business card mockup with a short and easy custom domain

Looks better, doesn’t it? What is even better is that with your custom domain name, you can redirect your buyers to your Etsy shop or anywhere else you would like them to connect with you (like your own website in the future). 

Some people think that you need to be ready to start a website now to get a custom web address, but that’s not the case. You don’t need to be ready for a website – getting your own domain is not a big deal at all. Years ago I published a Facebook Live Video going over this Etsy shop tip and so I figured this information would be even easier to understand and utilize in written format. 

There’s more good news: 

You do NOT have to subscribe to Etsy Plus ($10/month) to accomplish this. 

You don’t need the domain discount Etsy offers by subscribing to Etsy Plus. 

You do NOT need an Etsy Pattern site at $15/month either!

You can set up your own custom web address for your Etsy shop without spending $120 annually on Etsy Plus!

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Etsy Custom Domain Discount

Etsy Plus offers a 50% discount on a custom Etsy domain purchased through their partner domain registrar, Hover, and a way to connect your domain to your shop. However, I don’t think it’s really worth it unless you are really seeking the other “benefits” of the subscription. 

Their “Deal” = $7.50 .COM

Hover offers new .com registration for $15-17 based on their pricing page. Etsy Plus gets you a 50% off discount so that would bring your domain registration potentially as low as $7.50 (that’s for a year, BTW). Renewing your domain annually will run you about $17.

Get a .COM for $5.98

Instead, I recommend you grab your custom dot com domain from NameCheap (I have all my domains registered there). I love NameCheap because the website is easy to use to purchase and to manage your domain. Plus their pricing is great not only for initial purchase but ALSO for the annual renewal. 

Using the coupon code NEWCOM598 will enable you to register a domain for $5.98 (plus ICANN fee and tax of course) for your first year. And renewing your domain annually will be less than $15/year. Sometimes there are coupon codes or sales on renewals too! I always try to take advantage of those so oftentimes my renewal is only $10-13 per year.

If you’ve already used that 5.98 coupon code, you can find plenty more NameCheap domain discounts and promo codes on their promotions page

Having your own custom web address makes it easier for you to have control over your online shop. It also gives you your own brand identity. This is very important for your business and definitely makes for easier marketing. 

Once you have registered your domain name, you can connect it to your Etsy shop so you can start promoting your custom web address.

How to Redirect Your Domain to your Etsy Shop – Connect your domain to Etsy 

You can easily set up your custom domain yourself and connect your domain to your Etsy shop. After you complete your domain registration you simply edit the domain settings to forward or redirect your domain to your default Etsy shop link. →

Etsy Domain FAQs

Q. What is my Etsy domain name / What is my Etsy Shop Link (URL)?

A. Your Etsy domain name is the URL (web address) that points to your Etsy shop. It is basically your shop’s identity on the web. By default, Etsy provides 2 shop URLs for you: 


Q. How do I copy and how to share Etsy shop link?

A. You can copy and paste your Etsy shop link to share it through email, direct message, or on your social media profiles. Go to your Etsy shop and copy the Etsy shop link from your browser url bar. I use CTRL + C to copy or you can right-click then copy. Once you have your link, you can paste it anywhere to share it. 

Q. Do I need a domain name to sell on Etsy?

A. Technically, no you do not need a domain for Etsy. Etsy provides each seller with a unique shop URL. However, having a domain name makes it easier for customers to find your shop and sets your brand apart. Plus if your shop ever got shut down for any reason, you can redirect your own domain somewhere else. And when you’re ready for a website, you already have a head start.

Q. Can I use my own domain with Etsy?

A. Yes, you can redirect your domain URL to your Etsy shop URL. And no, it isn’t a difficult process.

Grab your custom domain and share it!

I really urge you to go register a domain name now and start using it everywhere instead of your default Etsy shop link. Build up your domain traffic and brand recognition early on to set yourself up for website success later on. After you register your domain, share your new custom web address in the free FB group or in the comments!

Find a domain starting at $0.99

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