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Resources for creating a website

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I would love to help you launch your own website for your handmade business. Here are a few top resources for you.

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Take back control of your handmade business, reduce your fees, & keep more hard-earned profits in your pocket. Here are some ways we can work together to bring your dream website vision to life:

A self-paced DIY Website course for handmade business owners who want to create a perfectly branded e-commerce website with limitless customization.

Lighten your to-do list and let me lead your website project so you can focus on doing the things you actually enjoy! I'd love to work with you

Not sure where to get started or if a website is your best next step? Need help choosing which platform? I can help you

Resources for improving your website

If you feel like your website is not working as well as it could be, here are some resources that can help

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Here are some ways we can work together to bring your dream website vision to life:

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I'm Rebecca ( aka "Bex") and I design beautiful, handcrafted websites for makers who sell beautiful, handcrafted products. My clients are passionate about their craft and obsess over the little details. I'd love to design a professional website for you.

Now I know that not every maker (who deserves a professionally designed website) can afford one yet! If you're ready to grow your business beyond your craft show booth or Etsy store, perhaps you'd like to DIY your first website. I can help with that too.

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