How to Change your Etsy Shop Link

Change your Etsy Shop Link: An Easy Hack for your Etsy Shop

Learn how to change and customize your Etsy shop link to your own Etsy custom domain name without upgrading your shop to an Etsy Plus subscription. This is an easy and affordable Etsy shop tip you can implement right away. Changing your Etsy shop URL takes only a few minutes, but it will make your…

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How to Create a Website for your Etsy Shop – Easy 3-Phase Approach

3 phase approach to starting a website for your handmade business

Are you considering expanding beyond your etsy shop? It can be an overwhelming project to create a website for your Etsy shop, especially when adding on the e-commerce aspect. Today I published a YouTube video about how to get started on a website for your etsy shop with an easy 3-phase approach. Here’s the video…

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How to Set Up a WordPress Website (Take 2)

How to set up a WordPress website (revisited)

In 2016, I published a blog post featuring a step-by-step tutorial to getting started with WordPress and setting up your site. At that time I was recommending a different hosting company and so my tutorial was based on signing up with them. But since then I’ve switched and I have been LOVING SiteGround hosting. Here’s a new tutorial and post with how to set up your website with SiteGround. It’s just so easy.

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How To Set Up a Website

how to set up a website

Now it’s easier than ever to set up your own website. The WordPress platform is a great option if you’re on a budget and you need to DIY your own site. I recently went through the entire sign up process with BlueHost for setting up this website and I want to share the setup process…

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