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The calculator is being sent to your email right now!

Here are your next steps:

STEP 1: Open your email to access the calculator (It's built with Google Sheets). Make a Copy to save to your own account so you can edit.

STEP 2: Open your Etsy Shop Manager and go to the Stats area. Enter your stats into the calculator.

STEP 3: Instantly see whether or not you could save money by funneling your traffic to your own ecommerce website!

STEP 4: Join our free Facebook group, the Creative Biz Clubhouse! It's a fun place to hang with positive growth-minded handmade business owners. Introduce yourself and share photos of what you make! Ask for advice when you hit roadblocks. Ask for feedback on your website as you build it. Join us for a virtual happy hour. It's the cool place to be and I hope to see you in there

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This calculator is a Google Sheet.
You will need to MAKE A COPY and SAVE the sheet to your own Google Drive in order to customize and use it.
There are instructions and tips to help you.

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