Hi, Nice To Meet You!

I'm Rebecca, but you can call me Bex (that's the nickname my dad gave me).

I'm a web & graphic designer, living in North Carolina, USA.
I'm also a soap maker, former roller derby skater, and font geek.

I'll get to the really personal stuff later...

But most importantly I'm passionate about helping creative business owners with their Branding & Web Design.


Casual Photo of Me

I have professional photos, but here's what I look like on an average day.

I help creative entrepreneurs & Etsy sellers develop their branding and build a powerful website for their business.

You're in a Saturated Market

I hear this all the time and I understand your frustration. You run a quick Etsy search and find hundreds of other shops selling the same general handmade goodies you do. It can feel deflating.

You wonder, "Why would anyone choose to buy from me?"

STOP! Let's switch around your mind set. What sets you apart? What makes your products unique? And don't tell me nothing...unless you're seriously just copying someone else's work. Which you're not. Because you're smart and you have your own awesome ideas and special way of doing things, right?

Your Customers won't Pay High Prices for Handmade

Another objection I hear a lot. How did you price your products? Did you just look at what the 'going rate' was for similar items? I hope not. You deserve to earn a fair wage for the materials, skill ,and love you put into your work!

Well, maybe it's time to find new customers!

The key is to stand out from the crowd and shine. Appeal to the exact people who will appreciate and value what you do.

Stand Out & Succeed

It's your time! You want to

  • Stand out in an over-saturated market.
  • Elevate your branding and attract the customers who value and love your products.
  • Create a professional branding that is taken seriously by Stockists.
  • Build your business in a way you're not relying on Etsy and in-person craft shows to make sales.

A beautiful visual branding and a powerful website can do just that.

I Want to Help You!

Maybe you are the Do-It-Yourself type with a shoestring budget. Or maybe you want to hire a designer for your branding or website design. Either way, I'm here to support you and your goals


So What's Next?
Learn & DIY

Check out the resources & tools I recommend

Contact Me

I can design & create it for your or offer consulting

Erin V
"I had been stuck for months, literally, maybe even a year on publishing my website. You got me thinking on a clear path and helped me finally make decisions and I even pressed 'publish'. You have such a real and easy way about your teaching style."

- Erin V.

My Story

Maybe I was always meant to be an entrepreneur. I'm not for certain. I realize now as I look back, I did give some pretty obvious clues.... such as setting up a cucumber shop with my little sister (selling my Aunt's garden bounty).

I've always been a computer geek.

Seriously! One of my first allowance savings goals as a kid was for a  computer. I’ve been creating and coding websites since I taught myself HTML when I was in junior high. Even back then, I knew I wanted to be a web designer.

During my college years I worked in the Geek Squad at Best Buy and as an Audio/Video technician for the University's Classroom Technology Dept. I also took on my first freelance web design projects.

I graduated in 2010 with a BFA degree in Graphic Design and I’ve been doing web & graphic design professionally ever since! My design education was invaluable and a perfect foundation for applying my coding and web design knowledge. (For all the boring details & resume, check my LinkedIn Profile)

What I'm up to now

After years of working for a local web and graphic design company, I decided that I wanted to go off on my own and start my own business.

In fact, I may have gone a little overboard and started 2 businesses at the same time.  (What can I say? I'm ambitious!)

I've always been creative and crafty and I'd been making soap as a hobby for a few years. After breaking my leg (roller skating on a small half-pipe ramp) and knowing I'd be out of roller derby for a while, I decided it was a good time to turn my soap hobby into a business.

And so Oceanside Naturals was born.

Soon after I started that, I began to day dream about being totally self-employed running a web design business and soap business side by side. Getting to do the computer geek coding and design PLUS crafty hands-on design too!

So that's my story and how I landed where I am today!

But enough about me. I want to meet YOU! Send an email, a tweet, or visit my Facebook page and say HI!

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Young Bex selling cucumbers