5 Reasons website visitors are not buying. Traffic but no sales? Let's fix that.

5 Reasons website visitors aren’t buying – Fix: traffic but no sales

When you have decent website TRAFFIC but no SALES rolling in…. what gives!? 🤔🤷‍♀️ Driving traffic to your site is hard work – don’t let it go to waste! I can help you! 😊 Here are some very common reasons why website visitors don’t convert and some potential root causes for traffic to website but no sales.

Why aren’t people buying your handmade products 🛒 and how to increase online sales

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On YouTbe: Why People Aren’t Buying your Handmade Products – Website RED FLAGS 🚩🚩🚩

1. Don’t see a need for it

If the website visitor doesn’t understand how your product will benefit their life or help them achieve a goal, they won’t feel compelled to purchase. If the customer’s desire is to create a cozy reading nook, show photos of your hand-knit throws over a cozy armchair with a book and steaming hot mug nearby.

2. No urgency

If you have a visitor that loves your product and wants it, awesome. But that doesn’t mean they will buy it. Oftentimes people delay purchases – “next time.” Add a little urgency to encourage the sale today. Add low-stock notices so that visitors can see if there are “only 3 left.” Communicate holiday shipping expectations and cut-off dates. Add expiration dates to promotions. Run a flash sale. There are so many ways to give visitors a little nudge.

3. Low trust

They want it and they want it now. The next hurdle is earning the visitor’s trust so they feel comfortable inputting their personal info and credit card details. Design, contact info, social links, checkout options, and more factors all play a role in how trustworthy you appear. Any red flags can kill the sale. Make sure your website has a valid SSL certificate (https://) and looks trustworthy.

4. Overwhelm

Website visitors may hesitate or leave the website completely if they feel overwhelmed. Too many products on one page, too many variant options on a product, or a design that is too busy or crowded can overwhelm visitors. Create a clean uncluttered user experience.

5. Your Checkout is broken

Seems obvious, right? If you’re doing everything right but your checkout is too complicated, too long, or simply doesn’t work a throws an error, visitors will leave and shop elsewhere. Not everyone will be persistent enough to contact you and let you know the checkout is broken. Test it yourself before the Holiday season!

Fix your website and increase online sales

If you have traffic but no sales, you’re leaving money on the table.

Optimize the shopping experience for your customers and maximize your website potential this big holiday shopping season (Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, etc). It’s never too soon to prep for Q4.

WANT SOME HELP to make more sales online?

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