5 Free Courses for your Handmade Business

5 Free Courses for your Handmade Business

Looking for some ways to improve your handmade business? Of course you are.

One thing I've learned as an entrepreneur is that the learning, testing, & tweaking never ends when it comes to you business. Pair that with the internet, an endless sea of resources, tutorials, and blog posts....

Instead of hunting down those individual tips and tutorials, we have a very special round up of 5 amazing free courses for handmade business owners.

We've got you covered from Photos to Finances, plus the marketing tools you need to increase your sales including Etsy, Pinterest, and your own website.

Check out these 5 free courses for your handmade business below!

Ready to grow your handmade business and make the jump to your own website? Own your storefront and sell your handmade products with your own standalone website!

There are crucial decisions to be made before you commit to a website platform. Choose the right website platform for your business and set up your own website from scratch in just 2 weeks.


Rebecca Inkrote (that's me!)

Rebecca is a professional web designer & website consultant with a passion for helping handmade business owners maximize their marketing potential. She supports small businesses with web design & consulting services. Rebecca also offers a step-by-step online course that shows small business owners exactly how to create and launch their own website with WordPress. You can connect with Rebecca at bexmarie.com

Rebecca Inkrote

Are you rocking in your business but lost in the finances? Drowning in receipts? Struggling to keep up with your income and expenses? Then it’s time to badassify your business finances.

This 6-day email course will help you start getting organized and stop making costly mistakes in your business finances NOW.


Andi Smiles

Andi Smiles is a professional bookkeeper and small business financial consultant who is passionate about helping self-employed women develop a healthy and loving friendship with their business finances. She is the creator of the BFF course, a site dedicated to all things self-employed finance and the host of Boss Babes Business Finance, a Facebook group for female entrepreneurs.

Andi Smiles

Updated 7/29/19 - Here's a new 5-Day course from Kyla!

Do you want to create pins that will have people drooling all over their keyboards? Pins that will get your blog or business noticed by pinners and drive massive traffic to your site?

This amazing 5-day challenge walks you through my entire step-by-step process for designing amazing pins.


Kyla Sims

Kyla is a Pinterest strategist and a single mum to 3 crazy boys. When she's not busy running around after her toddler or doing laundry, She loves helping other creative entrepreneurs grow successful online businesses.

At Dish It Out Social you will find tons of tips and tools to help you grow your online business with Pinterest.

Kyla Sims

UPDATE 6/13/19 - Sarah has a new goodie that has replaced her course. Check this out!

Have you been struggling to showcase your vinyl designs or hard-to-photograph glass products in your Etsy shop? Learn how to make over your handmade shop photos for MORE SALES with LESS EFFORT using this DIY checklist pdf.


Sarah Guilliot

Sarah Guilliot is a professional designer who provides Photoshop mockup resources and support for Etsy shops. She teaches Silhouette Cameo-based Etsy shop owners how to save time, materials and money by creating their own product photos with custom mockup templates. You can find Sarah blogging over at www.sarahdesign.com

Sarah Guilliot

There is power in Etsy that doesn't exist anywhere else - which makes it one of the best tools a handmade shop owner has access to. Learning how to use this tool can change your shop, business and life for the better.

This free email series will help you unlock the power of Etsy.


Danielle Spurge

Danielle is a maker and craft business consultant to handmade shop owners who want to optimize and leverage to build better brands and businesses. Danielle works to empower creatives to share their work with confidence and turn their craft tendencies into profits. The Merriweather Council is all about celebrating the reality of gainful self employment through craft.

Danielle Spurge
Photo: Amy Sandoval Photography


  1. Reshelda Odowd on March 1, 2022 at 3:31 pm

    Is there an online course for hand making soaps or candles please?…
    I want this course to do my own soaps, candles or bathboms please help me which one should I enroll?

    • Rebecca Inkrote on March 1, 2022 at 4:01 pm

      Check out https://lovinsoap.com/ – Amanda has TONS of great resources, blogs, tutorials…. and she offers courses (paid) as well. She is a very experienced soapmaker and I have learned a lot from her. She also has a free facebook group called Saponification Nation!

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