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I'm Rebecca ( aka "Bex") and I design beautiful, handcrafted websites for makers who sell beautiful, handcrafted products. My clients are passionate about their craft and obsess over the little details. I'd love to design a professional website for you.

Now I know that not every maker (who deserves a professionally designed website) can afford one yet! If you're ready to grow your business beyond your craft show booth or Etsy store, perhaps you'd like to DIY your first website. I can help with that too.


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6 Reasons why you need a website for your etsy business

6 Reasons you need a Website for your Creative Business

I could easily write about 1600+ words on all the important reasons for a business to have a website. Today, however, I’ve distilled down my thoughts to a quick list of my top 6 reasons! 6. You want to be taken seriously A website is a great way to legitimize your business and prove that you are…

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How to set up a WordPress website (revisited)

How to Set Up a WordPress Website (Take 2)

In 2016, I published a blog post featuring a step-by-step tutorial to getting started with WordPress and setting up your site. At that time I was recommending a different hosting company and so my tutorial was based on signing up with them. But since then I’ve switched and I have been LOVING SiteGround hosting. Here’s a new tutorial and post with how to set up your website with SiteGround. It’s just so easy.

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